Unfiltered Audio Zip - v1.0.1 - a compressor is like calling a Lamborghini a passenger car

Zip call a compressor is like calling a Lamborghini a passenger car. It does not do justice to none. Zip creates unique effects and audio resolve thorny challenges in an instant, leaving traditional compressors in the dust.

Zip can provide both compression and downward expansion, switching between processors with a mouse click. Six modes of analysis – Amplitude Silence Brightness dark Noise and Tone: compression or expansion of the spark according to the signal level, frequency content or entry of noise Zip feeding. Bass on tracks, select the Dark mode to compress the low notes that are consumed in height while the high notes can breathe. Using the noisiness mode, you can make the compressor Zip flatten only with electric guitar chords saturated while leaving mufflers palm on the same track, tall and proud. Solve unusual audio is a cinch to Zip.

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Surround the four styles (classic, goopy, fast and end) Zip modify the attack and release curves, adapting them to their specific needs. Use the quick response Extreme microphones percussion room to exploit the atmosphere of the room and at the same time make the kick and the speaker sound becoming stronger. Complete mixes, the classic style Zip and high pass filter in the side chain will make the final mixture is thunder your thunder. Or use Goopy style to add glue and vintage density. Zip has many flavors.

To produce creative effects, Zip includes automatable modulation system logo Unfiltered Audio. They can be used eight different internal modulators, as well as a patch for ROLI external Lightpad, up to six modulators at a time, in most controls Zip, with each modulator routed to as many destinations as you like with drag-drop technique and drop. Using modulators, you can easily create rhythmic effects driving that pulsate to the beat of his music, without bothering with the complicated routing of external side chain. Drag the virtual cable LFO square wave to control Expander Threshold to transform a static keyboard synthesizer in a dynamic part of the keyboard synchronized to the tempo of your song. Animate a lifeless track synthesizer patching the LFO sawtooth Zip Ratio button on the compressor, creating an effect of reducing the EDM style Big Room makes the synthesizer swell in sync with the hype. He directs the 16-step sequencer notes to gain Zip output to convert the plug in a shocking Trance door. Create a tremolo effect patching the LFO classic sine wave output gain Zip. The creative possibilities are endless. Create a tremolo effect patching the LFO classic sine wave output gain Zip. The creative possibilities are endless. Create a tremolo effect patching the LFO classic sine wave output gain Zip. The creative possibilities are endless.

For the finishing touch, color control allows you to apply warm Zip saturation, bright phase modulated distortion, bit crushing flash or any of the four 2-pole filters at the output of complement. Check some of the vivid contrast effect to fatten female voices and drums make the jump. Two 2-pole filters are modulated by Zip modes of analysis; Use them in the way noisiness synth track for attacks timbre notes. Place the LFO Zip in command Color to create sweeps synchronized with the tempo and pulse distortion guitar tracks and keyboard filter. Zipper sculpts both the dynamics and tone.

Breaking drums, vocals large and transforming a dull pad into a hymn of Trance: Zip does it all!

• The unique modes of analysis and modern modulation system makes the compressor and expander Zip tools to create fascinating effects and audio solve difficult challenges
• Six modes of analysis – Amplitude, Silence, Brightness, Darkness, noise and tonality They make the Zip processors react further signal level, frequency content or noise
• four styles surround (classic, Goopy, fast and end) modify curves attack and release Zip, providing a choice of four compressors / expanders which behave differently in a single plug
• The system automatable modulation badge Unfiltered Audio provides eight different internal modulators and a patch for ROLI external Lightpad, all patchable (up to six modulators at a time) to most controls Zip
• Modulators include SFO, tooth saw / triangle and square LFO; Follower input; Macro Control; Sample and keep noise; Step Sequencer; ROLI Lightpad; and gain reduction
• color control continuously variable provides post-dynamics processing seven modes respectively, providing modulated distortion phase, soft saturation, milling bits and four bandpass filters two poles (two of which include cuts modulated modes of analysis Zip)
• The internal and external side chains are equipped with high – pass filters and low pass and Audition button to hear the signal in which the detector acts.
• Controls wet / dry mix (for parallel compression), lookahead (affecting both side chains), RMS detection or switchable peak, and automatic gain makeup
• The information display in real time graphically shows the current threshold, the relationship and knee, and shows traces of various colors for levels of gain reduction, and side outlet side chain


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