Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace Bundle 6 Feb 2019 – Free Download


Couples Apartment Interior Interactive – Unreal Engine 4.rar
Unreal Studio Office Interior Scene.rar
120+ Equipment Icon Pack.zip

Couples Apartment Interior Interactive

Supported Platforms:
Windows, Mac

Support Unreal Engine Versions:

4.17 – Later

Asset version: 4.17+

Unreal Studio Office Interior Scene v4.19

Test Unreal Engine workflow with Datasmith and Unreal Studio

Unreal Engine(.uproject)
Version: 4.19, Renderer: Default

120+ Equipment Icon Pack

This package includes over 120 icons for weapons and armor perfect for any fantasy RPG or MOBA. This package includes the following:

• 120+ icons for weapons and armor including specific types such as cloth, leather, and mail/plate.
• 20+ Unique Frames to better customize how you would like each icon to be showcased in your game. As well as frames to convey rarity of each item.
• Dynamic Icons including a Normal, Cooldown, Unavailable, Mouse Hover, and Clicked version for each icon.
• Each icon comes as 128×128.

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