Wipology - 1.0 - Plugin for Final Cut Pro X, AE, Premiere & Motion

Name: Wipology
Version: 1.0

Includes: Serial

Web Site: https://fxfactory.com/info/wipology/


Wipology takes one of the most basic forms of transition and marries it to a family of effects ranging from the common and popular to the unique.

Key Features

• Metal GPU acceleration: Wipology uses Apple’s latest graphics technology to slash rendering times. Is my Mac ready for Metal?

• Wide-gamut support: another first for Wipology, allowing those working with wide-gamut footage in Final Cut Pro X to preserve color information during visual effects processing.

• No keyframes required: your wipe is automatically kept in sync with the effect. Options are available to auto-animate the most important parameters.

• Bonus Object and Title wipe transitions: associate an object or title of your choice to the wipe, making a difficult process completely trivial.

• Built-in motion blurring: produce beautiful results at any frame rate with built-in motion blur available in all plugins that animate content over your clips.

Size: 13.81 MB

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