WISO steuer: 2019 - v 9.05.1804 - MAIN NEWS for the next tax 2018

Tax return for 2017: tax WISO: – The popular tax software for Mac Germany! AND THE WINNER OF TEST MacLife (No. 4/2018).

NEW! Control: Automatic takes away a lot of work: what and how much, you decide. With taxes: Import taxes: Recovery and taxes: Shipping, a large part of his statement is automatically filled without you register. They check and confirm information only. And then everything will immediately digitally to the tax office. No complicated forms, and even paperless!

By the way: for tax returns from 2016 to 2013, there are versions tax WISO: here in the store!

Control your WISO software reliably guides you through the “jungle tax”

• With tax WISO: 2018, you can make your tax return for 2017 even on the Mac, simple and ingenious way.

• License authorizes the release of the five tax returns. Made possible by Elster or form of expression.

• The ideal solution for employees, workers, civil servants, pensioners, investors, owners and self – employed.

• To complicate matters, the program explains easily understood by video. And with the advice uses his ability to save on taxes. Quite legally.

• All the comfort: Many useful assistants and imports data. Of course, with the recovery of documents for the declaration of pre-completed tax (VAST). And even more comfortable with tax: Recovery Services Buhl!

The result:
A statement of optimal taxation without any hassle with complicated tax forms. And the money for expensive advice to save yourself as well!

That’s just the WISO: taxes: World – tax through the tablet and the web included!
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• Do your tax return on the iPad or web browser!

• your data across all your devices at the same level. Always and everywhere.

• And best of all in the purchase price WISO tax: included. You pay no extra!

As simple tax declaration with tax WISO works:
1. Initially, you can easily describe yourself and your family situation: residence, marital status, children, etc.
2. Then enter your income and expenses:
• salary, wages, pensions and
benefits such as unemployment benefits
• rent and lease of apartments, houses, garages
• interest, dividends, sales of stocks and stock funds
• of business, self – employed or freelance activity.
3. Depending on your personal situation, the tax WISO: 2018 shows at any time how much money can be recovered from the tax office and where you can still save taxes.
4. Finally, have the program check your tickets: Is there a contradiction? Have you chosen the right kind of evaluation? Have you made all the necessary entries?


Now send data to ELSTER your tax office. Everything officially recognized! And with the electronic tax return ELSTER can even save the presentation of receipts. The most convenient way to send the tax return with the new tax: shipping from Buhl!

Or: just print your tax return on plain paper.

The new

With this interim update, we solve a problem that could occur with the amount of principal only relief. Otherwise, you will benefit from recent changes in tax 2017:

tax income
+ Children: adapted ELSTER consideration in the amount of relief
+ ELSTER Shipping: Request for improved signature cards PIN
+ Riester pension: input validation set of separated parents
optimized delivery authenticated Elster EUR +
+ Double cleaning additional costs for refined restoration
+ support services: assistance extended entry
+ Note on
check tax: supplement call + agriculture / forestry: see average time rates
+ File Import

Calculation of earnings updated calculation of surplus income
+ Data Transfer to adjusted assets
+ Investment Planning: Collecting personal data optimized
+ Ratings: Problem you decided to print the Declaration

+ negative earnings record foreign investment enabled
+ Property: ELSTER Tax optimized for different distributions

+ judgments and
administrative instructions updated + 08/2018 added conversion rates
+ Bank codes and postal codes updated


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