XLIFF Editor - 2.5.1 - Xcode localization made easy

Xliff Editor provides the easiest way of editing your XLIFF files. No more messing around with the XML format, or worrying about file corruption. Xliff Editor includes full search support, handy keyboard shortcuts, and even basic read support for SDLXliff files!

XLIFF files are based on the standard XML format, and are used specifically to exchange localisation data. Xcode 6 introduced the ability to export/import all your localisation data, taking away the need for sending various file formats to your localisers for translating. The XLIFF format makes translating a cinch, as it removes all the layout and formatting, and just provides a simple text-to-text translation mechanism for your translators. (Currently only XLIFF v1.2 files are supported.)

  • Highlighted search
  • Spell checker
  • Easy recognition of un-translated strings
  • XLIFF, XLF file support
  • SDLXIFF read support with export to XLIFF
  • Support for alt-trans and seg-source nodes

What’s New in Xliff Editor

Version 2.5:

  • macOS Mojave Dark Mode theme
  • Added support for opening files in tabs instead of windows (macOS 10.12+ only)
  • Added custom icons for filetypes
  • German localization, many thanks Alexander Frisch
  • Spanish localization thanks Gaston Dombiak!
  • Improved CDATA support
  • Fixed an issue with Removing trailing/leading whitespace
  • Added an option to remove nodes containing only whitespace
  • Removed Facebook links

Requirements for Xliff Editor

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later
Size: 6.24 MB

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