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It is a perfect fit for all types and sizes of accommodations viz. hotels, motels, guest houses, B&Bs, serviced and boutique apartments, hostels, and hotel groups. The hospitality industry already adopts AI and Data Science – you can find out more about it in this comprehensive article. hotel property management systems are no exception, especially if we talk about business intelligence, revenue management, and guest service (chatbots and e-concierges). eZee Absolute by eZee Technosys is a cloud-based software that supports multi-property management and has different integrated pieces that process certain operations.

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This is another example of OTAs moving toward selling B2B services to hotels in addition to their core consumer-focused business. PMS in the hotel industry refers to the property management system used by hoteliers for streamlining their operations and delivering an extraordinary guest experience. A robust hotel PMS software system enables hoteliers to seamlessly manage billing, inventory, room assignment, room rates, bookings, as well as guest check-ins & check-outs. Save time by efficiently managing your hotel guests along with providing them better services resulting in revenue generation with this hotel management software. Make the most of your hotel property by integrating your hotel system with smart hotel software. With a hotel booking engine, revenue management system, inventory management system, positive guest experience, this hotel management software makes the process of hotel system simpler.

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With a PMS system, your staff spends less time on administrative tasks and more time on satisfying your guests. In recent years, property management systems have increased their capabilities and moved beyond just completing basic front-office tasks. With a PMS system, you can now offer loyalty programs to guests, gather and analyze data, manage food and beverage services and more. But many hotels still rely on outdated and time-consuming methods to manage their property. Trusted hotel property management system by lodging operators since 2003, WebRezPro is consistently chosen for its comprehensive features, dependability and affordability, and is now used by 1500+ properties in 40 countries across the globe. RMS offers an advanced reservation and property management solution designed to save you time and money, increase revenue and enhance the guest experience. As a highly configurable and scalable system, RMS gives you a path forward, no matter your property’s size or complexity.

A modern, cloud-based PMS model can and should offer hoteliers the core functions they need to run their business and operations effectively, while also providing seamless integrations. Furthermore, 90 percent of travelers worldwide say they expect a personalized experience when they book their travel. Hotels can only achieve this standard of personalized service with the continued aggregation of data, reporting, and insights across various collaborative platforms. Trivago, the popular online travel agency, is hoping to get small and independent hotels to use the Base7booking hotel property management system.


With the advancement of cloud computing property management systems for hotels expand their functionality towards new service areas like guest-facing features. These include online check-in, room service, in-room controls, guest-staff communication, virtual concierge and more. These new functionalities are mainly used by guests on their own mobile devices or such provided by the hotel in lobbies and/or rooms.

What is a property manager’s most important duty?

Property managers assist owners with setting the right rent amount that will ensure the property is occupied by quality tenants and that will allow an owner to collect appropriate rental income. An equally important role of a property manager is collecting rent and communicating any rent increases to tenants.

Run your business efficiently and profitably with features including Multi-Property PMS, Online Booking, POS, Guest Portal, Email Marketing and Mobile Check-In. eZee Absolute allows users to customize the system for certain types of properties. The PMS offers the Resort management Software development company system that has more functions for resorts. Resort software can send an online payment link to guests that they can use to make a payment of any amount. eZee Absolute PMS integrates with third-party services and has its own property management app for employees and hotel managers.

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Transform your hotel system by using hotel solutions provided by this hotel software. Improve your hotel management software with the help of hotel CRM software which provides hotel solutions to manage your business. With hotel scheduling software, provide ace-level services to guests thereby generating a loyal customer base. It’s the only hotel system solutions that provide free functionality. eZee Absolute is a complete cloud-based hotel PMS system that automates all hotel operations; namely front-office, back-office, reservations, billing, housekeeping to impart the best guest experience and increase revenue. It is packed with integrated booking engine and channel manager to provide an all-in-one hotel solution.

RoomKeyPMS helps maximize your RevPAR and ADR with a product offering and channel management features. Mentioned remains up-to-date with evolving technology and pioneered a full suite of guest lifecycle product offerings. roomMaster is another example, is easy to install and configure and allows you to focus more on delivering quality services and less on the software. Some of the feature worth mention is the front desk functionality that helps you to manage walk-ins, check-ins/check-outs, reservations, etc. It helps you connect directly to platforms like or Expedia eliminating the middlemen, keeps all guest information at your fingertips and makes guest management a breeze.

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Cloud-based property management systems can also be easily integrated with lots of other tools to streamline many processes throughout your operations. Using a hotel management system can save you time by automating recurring tasks like updating room rates and availability, sending out reminder emails to guests prior and upon arrival, and invoicing your guests.

The ideal solution for hotels is to combine the qualities of a fully-functional and featured PMS, with the flexibility of open APIs and middleware systems. This broad functionality can send a wealth of pertinent guest information to their relevant integrations, to create a more complete and seamless guest experience. It will also create a tech stack that has enough features to handle current business needs while being flexible and scalable enough to stay ahead of emerging technological trends. In the past, hotel property management systems were operated from servers in the hotel. They often needed a dedicated IT staff to run them, and if the server went down, then the entire hotel’s operations could be affected. But in the last few years, cloud-based hotel PMS software has been on the rise. They are a great choice for hotels of any size because they’re easy to use, quick to deploy and accessible from all devices at any time, whilst being generally being more secure than the previous systems.

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It’s no stretch to say that the improvements to PMS as a part of hotel management solutions have changed the way that hoteliers do business. These systems are able to provide a wide range of tools and technology today that are making managing every aspect of the business so much faster and more efficient. The options that are available today, like Hotelogix, are able to provide more than just the function of a property management system in a hotel.

  • Infor Hospitality Management Solution is a hotel property management system built for the cloud with the flexibility, security, efficiency, and mobile capabilities to deliver a great guest experience.
  • The first property management systems in the hospitality industry appeared on the market in the 1980s.
  • In hotels, a property management system, also known as a PMS, is a comprehensive software application used to cover objectives like coordinating the operational functions of the front office, sales and planning, reporting etc.