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Jul 3 Jul 3 THE ideal PRESETS FOR INSTAGRAM The only thing more complex than what a white girl moves at Starbucks? From exposure to temperatures, highlights, and mid tones, the chances for editing one photo are unlimited… and overpowering. Heck, sometimes even my process confuses me, and I am the one who came up for it. Want to spend less time worrying about editing? (and more time enjoying that pink striped refresher with oat milk and 3 pumps of strawberry? ) ) That is where presets arrive in. Using presets for Instagram editing is best because you’re: Guaranteed a consistent motif (presets create all your photos visually cohesive and uniform . ) Supporting content creators (throw money at a faceless app or encourage some hardworking influencer – your pick. ) Alright, so what are we waiting for- besides our complicated Starbucks beverages, obviously? A cult classic. A Holy Grail. Allergic wracking. Pantry Essential. Whatever you want to call it, there is no denying that Tezza presets are as wonderful as they are well known. Invest with caution, you’ll probably need to buy them all. Store presets // @tezzamb2. ) JACI MARIE SMITH PRESETS In case you have ever been jealous of Jaci’s colorful life… right down to her stunning natural reddish locks…. Well, allow me to comfort you by saying that you aren’t alone. Her presets are hot, FREE Tezza Lightroom Presets vibrant and feel as a sunny Florida day (that is the best Sort of afternoon, but I’m not in Any Way biased. ) Store presets // @jacimariesmith Help! I have fallen into needing to drop everything and move to Hawaii, and that I can not wake up. Sadly life alert wouldn’t work in this circumstance, but these presets are a great beginning at bringing just a small amount of Hawaii to your feed/life. Sadly, tropical tans and an ideal beach body aren’t included. Shop presets // @hbgoodie Not all who wander are lost, especially if that drifting brings you into those presets. They’re warm, soft and oh, so slick. Seems like I am describing freshly baked bread, but in addition, presets! Darn, now I am hungry. Store presets // @butwhatshouldiwear5. ) MAGIC DWELLS HERE PRESETS If You Want pink (me! ) , pink (me! ) And more pink (you get the idea) then those presets are for you personally. The colors in this pack are as pretty as a sunrise, however you do not have to wake up at a ridiculous hour to appreciate them. Shop presets // @allisonschaper Velvety. Rich. Chocolatey. These presets are almost as good as diving right into a chocolate fountain. If you like a bit deeper tones for your pictures and also thinking about dessert afterward these might be the presets of the (sweet) dreams