Paul Lind’s Halloween Special is similar to the Star Wars Celebration Episode, but you can watch it

Paul Lind’s Halloween Special is similar to the Star Wars Celebration Episode, but you can watch it

I know Paul Lynde Halloween Special has been featured many times by various nostalgic pop culture websites and has little to say about it. But if not mentioned, it would be like a science-fiction blog without mentioning Alien. You have to give at least a quick acknowledgment of this, at least for one reason or another, in addition to repeating that it really happened, and it was not the result of some kind of mass hallucination..

Either way, it became a special interest to choose the host, which we will talk about later. Now watch this episode and see for yourself how funny it all is. Lind was also an infamous alcoholic, fueled by insecurity and his pressure to stay closed despite not literally fooling anyone. In 1965, a young man crashed to death after spending a drunken night with Lindy in his hotel room. Instead of being a retirement scandal, he was covered up and Linda was still making tired noises when this special was aired a decade later. Choose your adventure below and discover your favorite movie or TV show. Of course, this particular is best known as KISS’s online debut, and they perform “Detroit, Rock City”, “Beth” and “King of the Night World” in a bizarre scene with orange neon sticks and dancers in wigs fluorescent…

After some tough clashes with Lind, KISS will be performing a third song, this time “King of the Night Time World”, which is at least cooler than “Beth”, though I’m not entirely sure what it is “queen of lights”. Maybe it has to do with breasts. Either way, the show ends with a cast including Billy Barty dancing to “Disco Lady” (changed to “Disco Baby” to be unisex I guess) and KISS watching from the balcony and acting as if it is the best option. there is a concert they have been playing since Cobo Arena.

It peaked in the 1970s when home cables and videos became more popular in the 1980s, allowing viewers to be more selective about what to watch and when. But while I think the Star Wars holiday episode is too bad to watch, even ironically, there is another ’70s special television program that deserves the same WTF attention. Since the release of the Star Wars holidays is about Christmas, the Halloween release for Paul Linda is Halloween, and unlike this disaster from a galaxy far, far away, I highly recommend you watch the Halloween release every October. And, unlike the special Star Wars holidays, you can actually watch Paul Lind’s Halloween episode whenever you want, because its not necessarily HD version is airing on Amazon Prime Video…

Linda’s third wish finds Linda and the witch sisters at a Hollywood disco, where Henderson sings a disco version of “that old black magic,” while boogie-oogie-wagon in a sex act, related to black. This is where we all discover that Hamilton (repeating her role as the Free Witch of the West from the 1939 classic MGM The Wizard of Oz) and her sister (Billy Hayes, The Poo Witch by HR Pufnstuf) are both surprise! They fulfill his three wishes (do not ask why). I remember watching Paul Lind’s Halloween episode. It was one of the most sophisticated and entertaining publications out there, and for reasons of nostalgia, it should have been the standard look on Halloween. Also, this was the first time I heard or saw KISS. Finally, the host remembers that it ‘s October and we start our first song and dance program, reworking Kids, Linde’s big number by Bye Bye Birdie from 1963..

Mike Becker has loved pop culture and Halloween all his life. He founded the companies Funko, Flapjack, Flophouse and Mixo, celebrating everything in pop culture. He comes to the show tonight to discuss Paul Lind’s Halloween Special and all the 70s Halloween sensations. Take off your shoes at the disco and listen as we share our thoughts on the most special ones and more. And that brings us to Paul Special Halloween. Is there a special Halloween in Central Square? And KISS will debut on primetime television??

Worst Witch with Miranda Riddle

Oh, that brings us to a question that may be spinning in your head. Why did Paul Lind host a special Halloween party in 1976? Well, ten years ago he played Uncle Arthur in The Wizard as it was about witches.?

Halloween tales with filmmaker Axel Carolyn

You may not believe it today … but his sexuality and orientation were simply not discussed then, especially between parents and their children; in this respect “sex” was not discussed at all. In those fast-paced days of American discretion and decency, sex was still largely a personal matter. With a little more structure than what has been the norm for this type of TV show, The Paul Lynde Halloween Special actually has a small narrative skeleton to hold together the seemingly unrelated comedy and musical set. Paul Lind, playing himself, knows a holiday is approaching on the calendar, but he doesn’t quite understand which one. Disguised as Santa Claus (his wig straight out of Doris Day closet) and the Easter Bunny, Paul finally heard about the approach of Halloween night from his gazebo, which he was watching, his own Margaret Hamilton from the Wizard of Oz..

As in Brady Bunch Hour (which was co-written with comedy goblin Bruce Wilanch), to see all of this, you need to hold yourself tight and check what you have been drinking lately for weird leftovers. Katie notes that Paul was a perfectionist who could get very nervous during rehearsals, though he could have a little fun when he relaxed. “Especially if he liked caste and had a stellar star for Halloween,” she says. “Paul showed me how important it was for him to stay in touch with the younger generation and brought them to KISS, who performed three hits on the show. Many fans only listened to them on the radio or listened to their albums, but this time they were able to see them with their unique look, wild makeup and giant platform boots. I believe the band is forever associated with the holiday because of this special.

Six years old I was there with my little ass posing in front of the TV! And that brings me to the pictures I came across recently. When we only had three channels on television, there was what was called a diverse show that brought together celebrities and the most eclectic talent. From the golden age of radio to the golden age of television, the concept has stayed true to its vaudeville roots. In the 60s, entertainment shows became even more eclectic, introducing viewers to the latest “hippie” bands and artists, as well as more classic “old times”..